Le Gourmet's range of homeade pasta sauces and Italian meals are a perfect solution for dinner time. With first hand knowledge of italian cuisine, Le Gourmet's chef's do all the hard work to bring you a truly authentic and delicious pasta dish. Sauces are cooked for up to four hours on the hob for a full and delicious flavour, and all meals are preapared on site using the best ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

Catering for both vegetarians and meat lovers, not only are Le Gourmet's Meals delicous, they are unbeatable value for money with a meal for two for under £5 and pasta sauces from £1.95.

To go with the pasta sauces, Le gourmet stocks a wide range of dry pasta's. Ask a member of staff to help you choose the right pasta for your dish, you'll be suprised how certain pastas compliment different dishes.