Goats cheese with a moist crumbly texture and a nutty flavour. Matured for two months at Nut Knowle farm in Horam.

Smooth and creamy hard cheese with small blue veins and a natural rind. A hand made cheese from Bestbier Cheese in Mayfield.

A creamy, smoked cheddar from Goodwood. Smoked over chipping from 2 to 4 days giving a rich oak smoked flavour.

A semi-hard cows' milk cheese made in the traditional Dutch-style by the Bestbier family at Five Ashes, East Sussex. A Le Gourmet Favourite.

Award winning stilton from Nottingham. Crumbly but creamy texture with a very strong flavour.

Aged parmesan. The Best!

Smooth & creamy texture with a sharp blue tang. An artisan cows cheese produced by Butler's Speciality Cheeses, at Wilson Fields Farm in Inglewhite near Preston.