Organic wheat flour, deactivated rye sourdough, brown flax seed, sunflower seeds.
Good all-rounder. Light and tender, seeded throughout.

Wheat flour, rye flour and rye sourdough.
Our most popular loaf. Both sweet and savoury. Perfect for toast, sandwiches, bruschetta and soup.

Wheat flour, rye flour, barley flakes, oat flakes, wheat malt flour, toasted barley malt flour, fermented wheat flour, Fermented rye flour, flaxseed, sunflower seeds & sesame seeds

Wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, mixed herbs and olives.
Brushed with olive oil giving it a golden crust. Light and fluffy inside.

Rye Flour, rye sourdough starter.
A very long proove allows the sourdough's flavour to mature to its full tanginess.

Wholemeal spelt flour.
Light in texture, with a wholesome, oaty flavour.